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NESB Nondestructive Evaluation Sciences Branch

NESB Nondestructive Evaluaton Sciences Branch

NESB Nondestructive Evalutation Sciences Branch

Nondestructive Evaluation Sciences Branch
Research Directorate
NASA Langley Research Center

Nondestructive Evaluation is an indispensable part of modern technology and it has become the key to the successful implementation of new materials and structural concepts in aerospace vehicles. In the coming years, researchers will need to develop a full understanding of the physics and material science related to complex materials. In order to successfully meet this challenge the Nondestructive Evaluation Science Branch (NESB) is developing physics-based modeling and computational methods, material state awareness technologies, intelligent measurement and sensor systems, and large transducer networks. By building on a rich history of technological advancement NESB will continue to be the world's leading nondestructive evaluation sciences research laboratory for aerospace applications and a science and technology resource for NASA, other government agencies, and United States industry.


Research and Technology Directorate


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American Society for Testing and Materials
British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing
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